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permit to construct issued 03.26.24





Our Mission

As a clean ammonia plant, in late-stage development,

Adams Fork Energy is well-positioned to rapidly contribute to the decarbonization of the global economy.

Working towards a goal to provide a secure supply of clean ammonia to the world.

About the Project

Adams Fork, a minor-source environmental permitted site, will use well-tested technology, and take advantage of the low-cost attributes that has made, and will continue to make, West Virginia the engine of United States energy supply.

The proposed Adams Fork Energy ammonia project in Mingo County, West Virginia, will be a world-scale project producing clean ammonia, in order to decarbonize America. Adams Fork will produce up to 2.1 million metric tons per year of ammonia in its first train, equal to over 300,000 metric tons of H2 each year.

Our affiliate will utilize proven burner technology to combust the ammonia. The combustion equipment can be used to retrofit any fossil-fueled boiler to burn 100% ammonia on-site, without emitting any carbon or soot. It can be sized to run efficiently, improving air quality at small capital cost.

The project's scale and speed will support the United States in meeting its federal decarbonization goals and commitments, and the climate and health benefits, sooner. It can act as a transition to renewable-sourced hydrogen.

One of the largest energy transition projects in the world.